Özmaksan Megafüzyon

Quality, Reliability and Competition at Top Level ...

Ozmaksan Megafuzyon, which is a follower of the changing world and our country needs and innovations, added HDPE 100 pipes and ke parts to its production profile in 2005. Our company, which aims to direct a large part of its production capacity with new investments, continues to work with AR-GE.

Ozmaksan MegaPassion has been ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system document since its inception and adopted production with high quality and standards. In addition to this, TSE has TSE 1555-3 and TS 418-3 certificates.
Our aim is to broaden our product range, to produce solutions in line with customer needs, to obtain high quality, reliable and competitive at the highest level.

Quality Certificates

TSE 1555-3
TSE EN 12201-3
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